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Recovery Counseling for

Individuals & Families

Counseling | Seattle | Jessie Brooks-Janzen | LICSW

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Unraveling Addiction Begins Here...

Substance misuse can be compared to a tangled web of confusion.  Does my loved one have a problem?  Why can't consumption be controlled?  Substance misuse brings up many difficult feelings for the individual struggling and their loved ones - anger, sadness, despair, how can we "fix" the situation? By the time you have navigated to my site, your life probably feels very unmanageable.  You are most likely exhausted from these chaotic feelings and need a safe place to discuss ways of seeking help for yourself and loved one.


My desire is to help you and your family find recovery from addiction by providing a space to share the impacts that it has had on your lives and potential recovery approaches for you.   There are many options and approaches to recovery and we will use our time to explore what would effectively work for you and your family.  


Please call for a free 15 minute consultation. 

* If I am not the correct resource, I would like to refer you onward.

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