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While my credentials are important [see below], you most likely want to know what inspires me to work with individuals, couples, and families who have been affected by the chaos of addiction?  My passion for this work comes from my own recovery from relationships strained due to substance misuse and dependencies.  I understand the confusion, anger, and unrest that impacts the family system when addiction is actively present.  While my journey inspires me, your journey will be the focus of our time together and we will find recovery practices to help you and your loved ones unravel the chaos that is addiction.


My therapeutic approach is rooted in strengths based practices.  Strengths-based approaches concentrate on the inherent strengths and resilience of individuals and families.  Therefore, we will use our time to draw on the strengths that you and your family possess to collectively deploy practices that will empower the family system to recover from addiction. I have been trained in SMART Recovery, CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training), and Essentials in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through the Beck Institute, which I utilize to empower clients to find recovery from the impacts of addictive behavior.

I hold two degrees in Social Work. A BSW from University of Victoria (1997) and a MSW from University of Washington (2000). My years of study and intensive practicums have provided me with both a theoretical and practical foundation for my work with clients.

I have counseled clients in many different settings over the past 20 years: Evergreen Hospital & Hospice, Intensive Community Mental Health Victoria B.C., Children's Home Society of WA., DCFS Kent, ATTWS, T-Mobile, Travelport, Corbis, and Microsoft. These varied settings have sharpened my skills as a practitioner and enables me to relate to clients and their life struggles.


Credentials include: Social Worker Independent Clinical License - LICSW# LW61095590 and a Master of Social Work from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Social Work from University of Victoria, B.C.

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